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Why can't I save my dataset?

This happens when you make too many changes to a dataset at once without saving. To resolve this you will need to save after every few changes you make to the dataset. For example: delete field --> save --> rename field --> save --> change primary key --> save --> etc.

Why can't I edit the color of my conditions in conditional formatting?

There is currently an issue with editing the color of conditions. To be able to change the color you will need to delete the condition and then re-add the condition with the correct color.

Here is a guide that will walk you through what conditions are and how to use them.

Why can't I get my auto-size text to fit on one line in my template?

This usually happens when your auto-size text is in bold. To resolve this you will either need to stretch out your textbox by making it longer or un-bold your text.

Why won't my scanner read the barcode on my card?

There are a few reasons this may be happening. It is possible that your barcode is too small so try stretching it out so that it is bigger and longer. If this does not resolve the issue try using another device such as your phone to see if you are able to scan the barcode. If you are able to scan it with a different device then it is an issue with your scanner and you will need to contact support from where you bought the scanner.

If you have any additional questions on this process please email support at [email protected] or call 800-996-3581.

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