All that you need to know about Fonts in CloudBadging

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CloudBadging has many standard fonts to choose from, but if you have a specific font you want to use you can add it.

In some cases, fonts won’t work with CloudBadging if they don’t have digital signatures:

Font must be a True Type Font (TTF)

Font must be installed on the device being used to print from CloudBadging.

When using CloudBadging on a device without the font installed the font will not appear properly.

Font must be added to CloudBadging using the exact name of the font as shown in the fonts folder in their system.

When adding fonts with multiple layers be sure to open them to see the full names of the individual fonts inside. 

To use all versions of Adobe Arabic, one would need to add these 4 to CB:

Adobe Arabic Bold

Adobe Arabic Bold Italic

Adobe Arabic Italic

Adobe Arabic Regular

As shown inside the Adobe Arabic font.

If you have any additional questions on this process please email support at [email protected] or call 800-996-3581.

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